Sunday, March 2, 2008

81 lions dead in last two years

NEW DELHI: A total of 81 lions have died across the country from January 2006 to 2008, with nine of them becoming victims of poaching, Rajya Sabha was informed on Thursday.

Fifty two lions died a natural death, 1 because of an accident and 6 due to electrocution while 13 fell in a well and 9 lions died because of poaching in Gir protected area and surrounding habitats of Gujarat.

Out of th 6 lions electrocuted, five of them died in Permpara village, outside the Gir Protected Areas in October 2007.

Investigation shows that a farmer had laid electrified wire fencing his agriculture land to prevent crop damage from wild herbivores, Minister of State for Environment and Forests S Regupathy said.

Answering a separate question on declining population of endangered animals including lions, tigers and elephants, Regupathy said fluctuation in the wildlife population is a natural phenomenon.

As per the information available there are no reports to indicate a continuous sharp decline in the population of endangered species, he said.

The minister said, "census of gharials are conducted on a regular basis and is not done for the first time."

It is very appalling to hear that Lion the 'Pride of Jungle' and one time National Animal of India; now replaced by Tiger; is facing the threat of extinction. Unscrupulous hunting and poaching has resulted in the extinct of this animal in India.What is Indian govt doing about poaching?Man so called rational and a social animal looks to be more a depraved animal who gets a sadistic pleasure in slaughtering such innocent animals. 'Humanity' seems to be word extremely ironical when analyzed in this context wherein our deeds as a human being are unforgivable! We must wake up now before its too late lest this 'Pride of the Jungle' gets converted to classroom subject alone.


Mayuri Reddy said...

Never knew king of the jungle is replaced by tiger ... nt a good thing !! DOnt tell me tht Lions no longer exist!!!

Ravikiran said...

Nice blog ..... really educating us about the decrease in lion numbers......