Friday, May 16, 2008

E-learning tools.

There are lots of assumptions that e-learning takes out the creativity out of you. This may not be the case. There has been a debate off late on the automated nature of the e-learning tools that they are responsible for taking the creativity out of the e-learning process and thus making the course dull. This may or may not be true . The only thing that holds back your creativity is you.

One of the exciting things about e-learning tools is that I have my own independence in creating a course and I am not dependent on others to help me out. The most difficult part in the e-learning development process is giving instructions and working with programmers because they have many time constraints and , whatever good idea we have , we may not be able to implement it properly because we devote ourselves to a specific direction and it is very difficult for us to accept there ideas. This may not be the case with e-learning tools. With the help of these tools we have a lot of scope and flexibility to change our project design. With the help of these skills we can create a very good and engaging e-learning course.

Some of the tips of making an effective e-learning course are:

Using power point presentations: I have been using power point presentations to make my courses effective. Power point presentations not only bring life into the courses but they are visually appealing too.

Creating an engaging and interactive course: Courses should be created in such a way that they are engaging and interactive. Interactive in the sense by adding scenario based examples to make the course more interactive and an engaging course so that the learner may not get deviated from the course.

There has been a rapid change in the e-learning industry. The e-learning tools have made our life easy by enabling us to bring knowledge and skill to learners. With the help of these opportunities one can weave magic into their courses .


dZire2Know said...

Yes, the idea of e-learning tool is really attracting and innovative at first sight. As I have tried a lot of e-learning tools to develop a course, I can tell you that, still I could not find a best e-learning tool which gives a flexibility in project design and in the implementation of various ideas(even though they claim that).Moreover, most of the e-learning tools restricts us to limit our ideas inside a circle of possibilities.In many of those we can simply change the color of the application without altering the interfaces according to our need/ by considering the computer knowledge level of our learner.

And coming to programmers, a programmer is not a person who mechanically converts a PPT into a Flash course,by writing thousands and thousands lines of code. More over, he/she should be having a good domain knowledge and should be able to visualize the story board in a flash format and with a continuous flow, before he/she starts programming.If programmer fails to visualize the thing at any where in the story board, he can not go ahead with the programming. It is not because of the limitation of programming tool(tool is mainly flash when it comes to LMS based e-learning).
If we take FLASH into consideration, there are lot of open source features which can be added to flash externally and it makes flash as a tool which advances day by day minute by minute. And so, the idea which(presented by story board) was broken or too complex, but Flash gives a more advanced option, which makes the course more interacting and simple, the programmer will definitely suggest you that because he can visualize the final course completely in his mind.This is not the mismatch of ideas, but utilization of new options or providing more variety into course and moving away from some of the repetitive old ideas.

Even though tools reduces the time of production and cost of projects, the combination of programmer and ID can give a variety of interactive courses by completely meeting the learner expectations, than any e-learning tool can do.

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Archana Narayan said...

elearning tools seems to be the hot topic of the month! When you say use of PPT, you mean using them to storyboard right? There are several elearning companies that churn out PPT-based courses. These are very flat with no life at all. Popularly known as page turners. How we use PPT is just as a tool to communicate visual layout and strategies to the SME and programmer. In our courses, we try adn ensure that the visual impact is high and that we use the right balance of text and visual aids.


ashish said...

One of the main thing i liked about E-TOOLS is the idea of adding scenarios based examples as one can understand things quite easily and one more feature about this is that the person can understand half of the idea by seeing the scenario itself, so he doesn't have 2 stress his mind. And ofcourse not 2 forget ppt presentations, and when u hve ppt presentations with scenarios then its like hot pav-bhaji in front of u no matter what all thrash is written inside the presentation the viewer cannot resist checking it out atleast once for the sake of ppt and scenario like how we cannot resist eatin pav-bahji roadside no matter what dirty things he use for making it but the outcome is YUMMY!
As far as i am concerned i never ever read things until unless i find something interesting in them and i think e-tools are very useful for attracting people like me.
Mini i think u r fit to become my teacher now ek din mein itna gyaan bhae kya baat hai!